Why "The Silence of Darkness"?


I began writing a literary novel combining the themes, moods and narratives of two favorite books,"The Great Gatzby" and "The Bridges of Madison County." Using the captivating setting of Southern Door County, Wisconsin to unify the male and female protagonists, this world would provide the conflicts driving their personal stories.


Once writing, I realized my character's conflicts were the same conflicts inflicting not only their small rural community, but all communities across America.  Seeing an opportunity to expose my readers to issues very personal to myself, I involved my characters in solving a hideous crime.


Hence, my novel became a romance suspense novel set in a world where a silent society keeps ugly truths in the dark. Years go by before passionate individuals discover the opportunity to release these truths from clouds of secrecy, freeing the innocent from lifetimes of insecurity, guilt and lost opportunity.